Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Haldol (Haloperidol Injection) Side Effects

Please read this.  If you can avoid it, never let a doctor give you haldol (haloperidol injection).  If you are already on it orally, then allow it, just DISCUSS IT THOROUGHLY WITH YOUR DOCTOR!  If you have never taken it, and they want to give it to you by injection, DON'T!  They gave it to my father and said it was a "mental straight-jacket".  It might have been if they gave him a sedative such as ativan, right behind it, which is a normal protocol, that they seemed to be overlooking.  But, if taken orally, just discuss! If never taken and there is nothing else they can give you, MAKE SURE THEY GIVE YOU A SEDATIVE RIGHT BEHIND IT!  I know everyone is different, but, this protocol needs to be USED!  In addition, everyone I know that has had it by injection, who didn't take it had the same terrifying hallucinations, stroke, etc.  Most nurses I know and have spoke to refuse to give it unless, given like I described above.  Do you have a story like my father's? Please post comments.   

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