Friday, June 29, 2012

Life Support Legalities

Life support is used when your body can no longer function on it's own.  When you go into an ER normal protocol is for them to ask you if you have a "Living Will".  This is similar to signing a DNR (do not resusitate).  If you don't have one, they will ask if you would like one, they can do it for you right then, it contains your wishes on the extents you would like them to go to if you get worse.  You can only sign this if you are sound of mind, much like a DNR order.  If you sign this, your loved ones cannot override it.  That's why it is advised to talk to your loved ones about all of this.  If you don't have a DNR or a Living Will and you go into an ER and are not of sound mind, they will go to every length they have to, to save you.  If you are then put on life support, your family can choose to remove it.  It is not advised though, to go about this without being fully informed on what the patient's medical status is.  It is also recommended to seek the advice of an attorney before doing anything to know your rights and the rights of your loved one.  

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