Thursday, June 28, 2012

MRI Scans and Metal

This is something everyone needs to know!  MRI's are basically a giant magnet.  This is why when you enter an ER and you have to have a scan, normal protocol is to do a CT Scan first.  MRI's can rip off anything you are wearing that's metal, and they can rip out anything in your body that is metal.  This includes any hardware you have from previous surgeries or any piercing you may have that has a metal ring/barbell/etc. in it.  If you need to go for a MRI and it is outpatient, make sure you DO NOT wear anything that has metal on it, this includes zippers on any clothing.  If you have any piercings with a metal ring/barbell in it, TAKE IT OUT.  If you have any hardware from a previous operation that contains metal or steel, TELL THEM and they will most likely schedule a CT.  This is all pertinent to your health, if you do not heed this information, it could be deadly. 

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