Monday, July 23, 2012

Alzheimer's: Symptoms, Stages, Diagnosis, & Treatment

In Alzheimer's abnormal changes occur within the brain that affect all aspects of thinking, including memory and language, making it difficult to perform daily activities.  Symptoms include: memory loss, problems with language, change in mood and behavior, etc.  Remember, only a doctor can provide diagnosis.  There are three stages, mild, moderate, and severe.  With each stage the symptoms continually get worse.  Diagnoses is usually done with a variety of tests.  These tests include: Clock Drawing Test, the Mini-Mental Stage Examination (MMSE), and the Functional Assessment Staging test (FAST).  Alzheimer's currently has no cure, but there are treatments.  The most common is a drug regimen to slow the progression of the disease.  Each drug regimen is different according to the person and the stage of the disease.  Stay Informed!    Namenda (memantine HCl) – Official Site

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