Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hardware and Broken Bones

Medically, these are called external fixators.  When you break a bone and it's severe enough, they will have to do surgery.  Sometimes, it's done because of a wound on or close to the site of the break, to clean it up, to prevent infection.  If the break is a compound fracture (where the bone comes through the skin when it was broken), they have to do surgery.  Sometimes the surgeon can just insert them in during surgery and sew you up.  But, with compound fractures, you have to do this, if it's bad enough.  They do it during surgery and it's basically pins going into your hand and arm (in the case above).  Then you will have rods most likely under the skin, to stablize the bone and to make sure it heals the right way.  You will heal properly if you go by what the physician says can, and can't do!  If you try to lift or anything you shouldn't, it could mess you up horribly and cause another surgery and possibly and permanently damaged arm.  Heed your physician's instructions.  Stay Informed!

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